Medi Call

Independent Scheme Managers for Restricted Medical Schemes.

Medi Call offers two very different but complementary services focused on independent representation. We offer Independent Scheme Management Services to Restricted Medical Schemes and Independent Member Care Line Services to select Healthcare Consultants.

We deliver continued value and improvement through our independent analysis & reporting of trends to our clients.

Independent Restricted Medical Scheme Management, with over 10 years of experience:

  • Strategic advice and industry updates for both the board of trustees and the employer.
  • Assist the board of trustees with meeting arrangements, independent monitoring of all suppliers and deal with statutory requirements and communication with Regulators.
  • Independent advice on industry best-practices.
  • Assist with alignment of supplementary products.
  • Offer accredited consulting services to employees, enabling balanced representation of restricted & open medical schemes within the employer.
  • Empower the board of trustees with independent analysis and reporting.
  • Communication to members and employers.

Independent Member Care Line Service for select healthcare consultants:

  • Branding opportunity through dedicated share call number and e-mail for all your members and dependents.
  • Unique member experience with calls answered in person and the caller kept up to date with progress made..
  • Assist with the onboarding of members, facilitate authorisations and resolve claim- and administrative issues.
  • Represent your members / employees at medical schemes, administrators and healthcare providers.
  • Educate members on their benefits and medical aid procedures.
  • Create a web-based integration of enquiries with your healthcare consultant.
  • Dynamic reporting that highlights prevalent service trends and enables drill-down to interpret specific trends.

How we empower Restricted Medical Schemes:


We define the critical strategies required to unlock value for your scheme.


We research the best-practise solutions to your problems.


We provide a framework to overcome your scheme’s stumbling blocks.


We are independently positioned to source the best practises for your scheme.


We continuously challenge your existing suppliers to adapt to best-practice solutions.


We empower the board of trustees with independent analysis and reporting.

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